In previous blogs, we have discussed the signs that your home is in need of an electrical upgrade. The signs include having a circuit breaker that trips frequently, dimming lights whenever you power on an appliance, if your electrical panel feels hot to the touch, if your home is 15+ years old, and many more. Read More

Are you in the Greater Houston area and are in need of an electrician? If so Texas Electrical is here to provide you with top notch residential electrical repairs! Below are a list of signs that your home is in need of an electrical repair!   Your Outlet Are Overloaded If you have multiple outlets Read More

Texas Electrical has been providing the best electrical services, from the best electricians to the Greater Houston area for the past 11 years. We have done this by making sure all of our electricians are highly trained and knowledgeable on a wide range of electrical issues. We are a full service electrical company that provides Read More

These days everyone is concerned about preserving their safety with security, and rightfully so! In a city like Houston with such a large population crime is unavoidable. There are several options for protecting your home and business that most of us are familiar with, such as hiring a security guard, installing a security system, installing Read More

As technology has evolved so have our electrical needs. These days home’s electrical capacities are expected to be able to run televisions in each room, multiple computers, several large appliances such as a washing machine and dryer, not to mention your lights and air conditioner. That is a lot of electricity being used in one Read More