Your home’s electrical system is much different than the other parts of your home. Most people can handle tearing down wallpaper and your stronger weekend warriors can handle bigger projects like installing new floors in their home. However, when it comes to taking on electrical projects, it is not recommended, even to the most experienced Read More

Even if you have lived in several homes and never been faced with an electrical problem, it is still important to have regular electrical checkups. These electrical checkups are designed to ensure your wiring, circuit breakers, outlets, and plugs are all functioning properly and that your home is safe! Electricity is very powerful, so when Read More

Hurricane season is here! Meaning at any time we may turn on our televisions and hear about a new storm that is brewing out in the warm gulf waters. This is something that many Houstonians know all too well. After last year’s Hurricane Harvey fiasco, many of us have seen just how much damage and Read More

When home and business owners decide it is time to remodel their space and modernize it to fit their new needs, often times they leave out an important part of their remodel. This is the electrical capacity of their space! If you are already knocking down walls, ripping up flooring, and starting over, do not Read More

If you were in Houston for Hurricane Harvey, then you already know how devastating and longlasting the effects of a hurricane can have on your lifestyle. Unfortunately, when the hurricane is already hitting you with strong winds and heavy rains, it is too late to start coming up with a plan to prepare yourself for Read More

An electrical panel is a series of fuses and circuit breakers that allow you to have power over all of the electrical components within your home. The electrical panel is responsible for dividing your electrical power into different circuits, all of which are individually protected by a circuit breaker.   Below is a list of Read More

Are you in the Richmond area, looking for a reliable and affordable company to install a ceiling fan or lighting fixture in your home or business? Are you ready to add a ceiling fan in a hot room that does not already have a receptacle for the fan? You do not have to suffer through Read More