An overload occurs whenever you have too many electronics using a particular circuit at once. There are multiple circuits in your home, some of these run multiple lighting fixtures as well as outlets. An overloaded circuit cannot keep up with the electrical demand you have and will shut off, sometimes leading to damages- other times Read More

The holiday season is upon us, with Thanksgiving on Thursday and Christmas is just around the corner! It’s a wonderful time of year for decorating, hosting, and cooking with friends and family! Staying safe when it comes to your electrical wiring and needs, will keep the holidays bright for you, your family, and friends. As Read More

Whether you have brand new property, existing or full blown renovation project, the electrical construction specialists at Texas Electrical in Houston have the knowledge and resources available to complete your projects quickly, efficiently, and within your budget, to guarantee your complete satisfaction. The electrical new construction specialists at Texas Electrical have years of experience assisting Read More

Your commercial business and residential home’s electrical system is much different than the other systems that run to keep you in function. While it is true that most people can handle around the house projects like tearing out carpet and your stronger weekend warriors can handle bigger projects like installing new appliances in their home. Read More