At Texas Electrical, when it comes to owning and operating a business we know your top priority is to keep your space fully functional and profitable. Having electrical problems can get in the way of you running your business and can lead to serious problems. We understand that as a business owner you do not have the time or energy to deal with issues linked to poor wiring, frequently tripped circuits, unexpected power outages, or limited electrical capacity due to outdated wiring. Let our team of licensed and certified electricians get your company’s electrical system running smoothly so you can devote your time to doing what matters, running your business and serving your clients. Reach out to our team of highly trained and experienced, licensed electricians to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help get your business operating more efficiently and safely.


By choosing to work with Texas Electrical for your space’s upgrades and repairs you are getting quality and protected services. It is critical, in order to protect and preserve your investment in your space, that you only work with licensed and insured electrical technicians in Houston. This is because most insurance companies and plans will not cover work that is performed on your business by a non-licensed contractor. This means, cutting corners or trying to save small amounts of money by choosing to work with a handyman or family friend can end up costing you big time. Do not gamble away your investment and place of business, work with Texas Electrical instead!


Our mission at Texas Electrical is to provide all of our customers with the most reliable and affordable electric services in Houston. We understand how important having functioning electrical capacity is to your business. We offer a wide range of electrical services including security lighting services, landscape lighting services, ceiling fan installation services, recessed lighting, new build wiring, updating wiring, and much more. We want you to rest assured knowing that your business is safe for years to come. One of the main ways we are able to do this is by performing regular check ups on your system to make sure you are not overloading your electrical capacity.


If your commercial business is still operating with the original wiring from 10 or more years ago, then it is time for an inspection. Overloading your electrical capacity can be dangerous for your business and expensive to fix once there is a problem. Make sure you are not living in the past with Texas Electrical, the best electricians in Houston. We are here to help 24/7, for new and existing customers. At the first sign of an electrical problem, contact us! We will do everything we can to protect your space and those who inhabit it!


Texas Electrical proudly serves the Greater Houston area, including but not limited to Bellaire, Houston, Katy, Piney Point Village, Southside Place, Hedwig Village, Hunters Creek Village, Missouri City, Richmond and West University Place. For all of your electrical needs, contact Texas Electrical today!



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