Electrical Repair in Houston

Electrical Repair in Houston

There’s a reason Houstonians turn to the electrical repair in Houston experts whenever they need electric services performed by a electrical repair in Houston electrician in their home. It’s because for years we’ve offered dependable, professional, reliable services at an affordable price to all our customers in Houston and surrounding areas.

Customers enjoy our time and material pricing because they know it offers them the best possible deal on electrical repair in Houston services. See, other electric companies use flat rate pricing, and on the surface, it looks like a good plan. But the issues with flat rate pricing is it doesn’t consider the size of the job, so even if your job is small and only takes minutes to complete, our competitors charge you the same price they do for a larger job that can take all day.

The electrical repair in Houston professionals at Texas Electrical understand each job is different. That’s why we offer fully customized quotes up front for every new project we take on that requires a electrical repair Houston electrician. This ensures you get the best service your paying for.

Electrical Repair Service Houston

Repairing the lighting in your Houston home is something that needs to be completed, but also something that can be really dangerous at the same time. You want to make sure that you’re not fooling around with wires that can cause you harm or even burn your home to the ground. When you work with a electrical repair service Houston electrician at Texas Electrical, this should not be a issue that you’re faced with. It should be something that should not bother you or lead you to stress. The electrical repair service Houston professionals are trained and experienced to do this type of work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electrical services to repair electrical equipment for homes and businesses, performed by electricians or some form of electrical contractors.

This is done by using heat shrink tubing around the wire, this is plastic that shrinks up when heated.

1. Turn the power off to the switch at the fuse panel or main circuit breaker.
2. Unscrew and take out the switch plate; then use a voltage tester to ensure that the circuit is dead.
3. Unscrew the switch in the electrical box and take out with the wires still attached.
4. Compare the old switch your replacing with new one and find corresponding locations for screws.
5. Attach the first unscrewed wire to the new switch and then do the same with second unscrewed wire.
6. Gently put the new switch back into the electrical box and screw in place.
7. Screw on switch plate and turn power back on.

cut the extension cable to replace the bad connector end, use heat shrink tubing around each soldered point, after that another piece of heat shrink tubing around the whole connector.

1. Cut off the old plug
2. Open the cover entrance
3. Insert the cord through assembly clip
4. Put the cord in wiring channel
5. Close the new plug


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