Landscape Lighting Installation in Houston

Landscape Lighting Installation in Houston

Landscape lighting installation in Houston services is one of the many electrical services we offer in the Houston Area. We just not only provide lights—we work with you to design a lighting system that fits your needs whether you are looking for your home  to illuminate at night, light your outdoor living areas for evening entertainment, or brighten your landscape, driveways and pathways to provide better safety for your home. We seek to fulfill all your Outdoor landscape lighting installation in Houston projects. We are convenient located and serve all Houston and surrounding areas.

As a locally owned business in Houston Texas, we are fully familiar with lighting local and regional styles of architectural as well as our landscape lighting installation in Houston specialists providing suggestions for lighting your outdoor living spaces such as your deck, pool, garden, landscaping and so much more. Contact us today to arrange your evening demonstration in your home or office.

Landscape Lighting Services Houston

Unless you are a certified licensed electrician yourself, you should hire a landscape lighting services Houston electrician to properly install landscape lighting. Experienced landscape lighting services Houston electricians at Texas Electrical will ensure that all of the work is completed up to the existing codes in your working facility. It ‘s a lot more than simply parts of your property being illuminated. Do-it-yourselves might try to design and install their own landscape lighting, but efforts are severely hampered by access to quality products, the technology, and a lack of design from knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should call in an electrician. An electrical contractor will help you thread wiring to the outside if there previously was none. The electrician will make sure that the wiring is properly grounded for the outside of your home or office. An electrician can also help you select lighting that’s rated for the outside so it will withstand weather condition.

1. Depends on the amount of light you want to showcase and what objects or areas you want to display for the outside of your office or home.
2. Check your color temperature to determine colors lights you want, 3500K and above are cooler colors (more blue tone). Those are the colors you want to avoid because it makes your landscape look unnatural. Get lighting at 2700K it creates a warmer color and makes your environment look more relaxing and comfortable.

The metal contacts in low voltage landscape lighting in your front or backyard overtime can become corroded, causing them to not properly light. To correct this issue: Turn the power off to the outdoor lighting fixture. Remove the bulb from the fixture.

1. Buy lighting kit
2. Lay out the lights
3. Place and secure transformer
4. Dig trench for cable (make sure to call utility company about area digging)
5. Connect the cable

Low voltage lighting is better for your property for a number of reasons:
1. Greener Systems – cheaper and consumes less electricity.
2. Security – It is proven that low voltage lighting is better for discouraging intruders into your home or office.
3. Safety – low voltage lighting is ideal choice for lighting walkways and entrance ways.
4. Usability – Better for deck lighting, sitting areas, and recreational areas.
5. Beauty – Adds more of elegant look to your landscape.


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