Everyone wants to have a home that utilizes modern energy-efficient systems. With more affordable bills and higher quality performance it’s easy to see why energy-efficiency is trending all over. One of the number one methods of switching your home over to improve the efficiency is by upgrading your lights.

What is High-Efficiency Lighting?
Simply put, energy-efficiency is when an appliance or product offers high end performance while using less energy to do so. With that said, high-efficiency lighting gives you brighter and crisper lights that last longer and cost less in the long run.

Is it really worth it?
Yes! There are several reasons why you should make the switch to energy-efficient lighting today

-Lower energy costs.
Everyone loves saving money! Making the switch to LED and CFL bulbs to drastically decrease energy usage compared to that of incandescent bulbs. On average an LED bulb uses one tenth or less of the wattage and CFL uses somewhere around half to one eighth. Multiply those savings for every bulb in your home indoors and outside and it really adds up!

-Longer life expectancy of bulb and fixtures.
There’s nothing more annoying than trying to turn a light on in a room to look for something only to realize your bulb has burned out. LED and CFL bulbs have much longer lifespans, often expected to last for years, which is another way you save money. They cost more initially but when lifespan and energy savings are factored in they are the clear choice financially.

-Bulbs for all conditions!
Energy-efficient bulbs like LEDs and CFLs hold up against the extreme heat of summer and brutal colds of winter. They also give off less heat themselves which keeps your home cooler in the summer!


In today’s world everyone is concerned about decreasing their carbon footprint. Making the switch to higher-efficiency fixtures and bulbs that consume less power immediately helps to achieve this goal.

So what is exactly is LED & CFL?
Currently, the best bulb option is LED, which is “light emitting diodes” which transmit light without generating heat like regular bulbs. CFL is short for “compact fluorescent light” and are also much more efficient than traditional bulbs but are edged out by LEDs.

Energy Efficient Lighting in Houston, Texas
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