Recessed Lighting Installation in Houston

Recessed Lighting Installation in Houston

Installing recessed lighting can be a amazing way to increasing both the function and aesthetic appeal of an existing home. A lot of homeowners choose to install recessed lighting throughout their home due to the fact that these lights provide a visually appealing, modern look. Hire the recessed lighting installation in Houston professionals at Texas Electrical to add this illuminating lighting to your home.

Recessed lighting installation may not be the most complex of work, but it can still be considered difficult considering the size of the job and the amount of lighting to be installed. When it comes to recessed lighting, recessed lighting installation in Houston contractors at Texas Electrical has years of experience in installing recessed lighting throughout homes in the Houston area.

You can be assured that recessed lighting installation in Houston specialists will complete the job to your satisfaction providing quality service at prices to fit your budget.

Recessed Lighting Repair and Installation Houston

This type of lighting is placed directly into the ceiling, which saves valuable space on the floors and walls of a room. Our recessed lighting repair and installation Houston technicians will tell you the most common type of recessed lighting is the traditional can fixture. As the name suggests, the fixture looks similar to a can that is installed directly into the ceiling. Typically, this type of fixture is flush with the ceiling, and you can add a decorative trim. Our recessed lighting repair and installation Houston specialists provide professional recessed lighting in Houston area.

Frequently Asked Questions

The two main components of recessed lighting are the trim and housing. The trim is based really on personal taste and housing is more technical on factors of your home or office, this requires a professional electrician to help evaluate what’s best for your recessed lighting installation.

Recessed lighting typically cost $100 to $200 this includes the bulbs and depending if being installed inside or outside.

1. Identify the location for each light.
2. Drill a 1/4 –inch hole in the center of the ceiling for the proposed opening.
3. Use a saw to create opening for housing light.
4. Disconnect other fixtures from the power source.
5. Plug cable from power source to first recessed light and leave 18 inches hanging from the ceiling.
6. Wire the first light to the power source and cable leading to the next recessed housing.
7. Mount housing and trim according to instructions from manufacturer.
8. Screw in light bulbs and turn the power back on to test lights.

It is best to leave “3” gap between recessed lighting fixture and insulation but doing this will reduce energy efficiency. The solution is to use SmartCap™ Attic Recessed Light Cover which covers non-IC rated lighting fixtures in your home or office.

If you have extended knowledge on electrical work then it is easy to install, if not contact a experience and professional electrician to install recessed lighting fixtures.


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