Whenever you choose to work with an unlicensed electrician you are making a high-stakes gamble with your home and safety. This is because when you choose to hire someone to handle your electrical work, that is not state licensed and certified if something goes wrong, they are not insured and your home insurance will not cover unlicensed work. Now, take into consideration that The US Fire Administration has shared statistics that show, there are over 28,000 electrical fires every year.


Imagine, trying to cut corners to save a couple of hundred dollars to hire an unlicensed person, family, or friend, claiming to be an electrician. Then, something goes wrong, the person you hired is not as knowledgeable and experienced as they had claimed and an electrical fire destroys your home. You try to reach out to your insurance company, who you have been paying for protection of your home for the last ten years and they tell you, you are not covered because you went with an unlicensed contractor. This easy to avoid scenario would be completely devastating for your family.


The number one way to avoid electrical fires and other losses is by hiring an electrician who is educated. In order for an electrician to be licensed, they have to be educated and knowledgeable on all current city and state code requirements. A lot has changed in the last 20 years when it comes to a home’s electrical needs and abilities, making an up-to-date electrician absolutely imperative to keeping your home safe. Outdated and overloaded wiring is one of the main causes for house fires and power issues. Do not get stuck in the past relying on a family member who used to be an electrician, to help you fix your electrical problems. When you choose to work with Texas Electrical, you choose safety!


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