An overload occurs whenever you have too many electronics using a particular circuit at once. There are multiple circuits in your home, some of these run multiple lighting fixtures as well as outlets. An overloaded circuit cannot keep up with the electrical demand you have and will shut off, sometimes leading to damages- other times just requiring a manual flip of the breaker. .



This time of the year families often experience issues with the circuits in their homes becoming overloaded. For example, families may experience the circuit in their kitchen being tripped because they having multiple appliances running at once, such as crock pots, dishwashers, ovens, coffee makers, and more. This electrical usage can add up quickly into an issue for your home’s electrical system.



If there are not enough outlets in the spaces you need them, you may be tempted to buy power strips, extension cords or multi-tap outlets. This can be problematic because the demand for electricity may be greater than what the circuit was designed to carry, and you may lose power. This is a safety feature that prevents the electrical overload from causing a fire but does not always prevent one from occuring.



Now let’s talk about those tips for avoiding circuit overload.



Inspect Your Wiring: Check all cords of any electronic plugged in to electrical outlets. Make sure there are no cracks leading to exposed wire. Extension cords and multi-tap outlets should only be used temporarily solutions and cannot run major appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc.


Know Your Wattage: Dimming lights while using your microwave or the vacuum cleaner, may mean your overloading your circuits. It is a good to have a general idea of how much power each appliance uses and what your home can handle.



Avoid Clutter: Whenever you are not using an appliance or electronic, unplug it if you are experiencing issues with dimming lights or tripped circuits. Space out your appliances if possible so they aren’t all running off of one outlet.



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