Richmond, Texas is a beautiful community with the best a small town can offer.   Nestled just 20 miles southwest of the city of Houston and a stones throw from Sugarland, Richmond regales in all the comforts and safety of a small community.  With older trees and historic homes, Richmond combines young and old to enjoy the slower pace environment.


With any older community, original homes need continual updating.  Many older homes have outdated HVAC systems. The most concerning is usually electrical.

Older homes have older electrical systems (panels) that may not support new appliances and electronics that are available to us today.   If you have a relatively new home, it is recommended that you maintain an electrical capacity sufficient for modern appliances and electronics of today.


There are clear indications when electrical systems need updating.  Here are the most telling;

  • Fuses Blowing
  • Outlets not working
  • Lights flickering with other appliance are in use
  • Two prong outlets instead of 3-pronged outlets.

If you have these issues at home it is best to check in with a licensed master electrician.  NEVER attempt to check electricity on your own. Electricity is very dangerous and should not be attempted by you or any one who does not have the license to do so.  However, here are a few things you can do.


  • Check your panel for the right size and type of fuses.
  • Use a surge protector
  • Don’t use bulbs above the recommended wattage for the fixture
  • Don’t use extension cords
  • Make sure you have properly installed and weatherproofed GFIs


If you’re thinking of whole House Rewiring in Richmond, TX, contact Texas Electrical Contractors.  Texas Electrical has decades of experience with whole house wiring and they can get it done efficiently and cost effectively.  Before you consider whole wiring, let the experts at Texas Electrical Contractors do an assessment of your electricity. Texas Electrical is the Whole house Rewiring expert in Richmond, TX.  They will check everything such as, outlets, fixtures, and electrical panel to determine what is necessary. If you’re in Richmond, TX, Texas Electrical can provide whole house rewiring, for your home.  Contact Texas Electrical today.


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