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Updating Your Houston Homes Electrical System

Updating Your Houston Homes Electrical System

Home Electrical Panel Upgrade in Houston

Have you ever noticed one of your light fixtures burning through bulbs at a quicker rate than the others? Or maybe you find yourself making frequent trips to the breaker box to reset tripped circuits? Did you know that these could be signs that there is a problem with your home’s wiring? It’s estimated that thirty-nine percent of residential electrical fires are due to faulty outlets and receptacles or interior wiring. If the wiring in your home needs to be repaired, updated or replaced it may be costly but has the potential to save you thousands of dollars in home repairs and even the lives of you and your family.

Questions to ask yourself 

-Was your home built over 30 years ago?

-Are your outlets securely locked into place? If they are loose this can lead to issues

-Is there a smell present when you use an outlet? Burning or otherwise- this isn’t a good sign

-Is there heat coming off your outlets?

-Have you experienced an electrical shock while plugging in or removing a cord?

-Do you have damaged insulation surrounding or near an outlet?

-Have you ever heard a sizzling sound when using an outlet?

-Do your outlets easily get overloaded and tripped?

-Do your lights or electronics flicker, stop and then start again?

-Do your lights dim when you begin using your outlets? This is a sign that you’re overloading the circuit

-Have you relied on extension cords for a prolonged time?

If you answered yes to any of these you should have your wiring inspected by a professional to assess the risk. 


Benefits of upgrading your electrical system in Houston

A newer electrical system greatly increases the value of your home, allows you more freedom to enjoy your electronics and heavy duty appliances. In addition, updating your system drastically reduces your home’s fire hazards and offers a sense of comfort for your family.

While lots of around the house projects can easily be done yourself, rewiring your home without the help of a professional has many risks. Not only is it dangerous but rewiring your home improperly can become very costly to repair. Contact the experts at Texas Electrical and feel secure about the safety of your home.

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