Whenever your circuit breaker exceeds its parameters of safety, it will result in your breaker tripping to protect your home or business. You will know you are experiencing a circuit breaker tripping because you will experience a sudden loss of power to whatever appliances or electronics that using that dedicated circuit. This also will extend to lights, ceiling fans, and more.

While many things can lead to you having a breaker trip, our Houston electricians most often see on of the following causes to be the reason:

Storms:Your breakers are more sensitive than you probably realize. One big storm can come in with strong winds and kill all of your breakers at once. However, just because it can lead to losing all at once, it may only be a couple of breakers at a time. The problem tends to be fixed quickly but if you experience any problems contact Texas Electrical right away! We have amazing 24/7 around the clock emergency electrical services!


Overload: If you look at the plugs in your home and they are all overloaded with extension cords and adapters, you are begging for a problem! In our modern lives we are used to running as many electronics and appliances as we want to at a time without much consideration for the outcome this could be having on our home’s electrical system. If you need more plugs in your home this means you will probably also need to upgrade your home’s electrical capacity. Texas Electrical is highly experienced updating home and opening up the possibilities for your electrical needs.


Short Circuiting: Shit circuits can be scary because very often they are categorized by blackening of an outlet or a strong smell of burned wires. This is a very sensitive problem that should only be addressed by a professional, such as the local Houston electricians at Texas Electrical, who have the specialized training required to appropriately handle your home’s electrical needs.


Faulty Grounding: While this is similar and equally as problematic as when you have a short circuit, faulty grounding does have a different source issue. When a hot wire comes into contact with a grounding wire, it becomes very dangerous, never try to handle this problem on your own!


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