Chandelier Lighting Installation Houston

Driving around Houston you will see lots of grand homes with lavish yards and glamorous exteriors. A great way to add a regal touch, to your home or business, that grabs everyone’s attention is by installing a chandelier. While chandeliers are one of the most opulent choices when it comes to light fixtures, they are no longer being reserved just for grand entrance ways and formal spaces. It is becoming increasingly more popular to see chandeliers being used as accent lights in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and even walk-in closets. If having a chandelier installed in your home or business appeals to you, contact the experienced craftsmen of Texas Electrical to see what we can do for you today!

Chandelier Lighting Installation Cost Houston

Chandeliers come in all styles and sizes, leading them to have a wide price range. We will work side by side with you to get you all of the drama and enchantment of a chandelier, that works for your space, while staying within your budget. Once your chandelier is hung it may prove difficult to properly dust and clean on your own. Unfortunately, nothing can spoil the elegance of a chandelier like dust and cobwebs. At Texas Electrical, in addition to being experienced installing chandeliers, we are also available for cleaning and maintenance. If you have a flickering bulb, an off center hang on your fixture, or are in need of a deep cleaning we have the skills to service your chandelier in a delicate fashion.

Chandelier Installation Service Houston

The trusted electricians at Texas Electrical have years of experience working with fragile chandeliers. At Texas Electrical we specialize in chandelier installation, chandelier removal, chandelier adjustments, chandelier repairs, and cleaning chandeliers. Whether you need help choosing the right chandelier to accent your space, removing an older delicate chandelier in your home, or relocating a chandelier in your space, we have got you covered. Texas Electrical proudly serves the Greater Houston area, including but not limited to, BellaireHoustonKatyPiney Point VillageSouthside PlaceHedwig Village, Hunters Creek VillageMissouri CityRichmond and West University Place. 

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