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Child Proofing Your Electrical Outlets in Houston

Child Proofing Your Electrical Outlets in Houston

Whether you are a new parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or even just someone who has a friend with a little one, child proofing your home goes a long way to ensuring their safety. Every year, thousands of small children are rushed to the hospital because of injuries associated with electrical shock. Lots of these injuries directly come from tampering with electrical outlets.


The good news is that the solution to child proofing your electrical outlets is very simple! By purchasing and installing child proof outlets you can protect the children in your life. These child safe outlets are referred to as tamper resistant receptacles or TRRs. These are cost efficient, simple, and long lasting solutions that can protect against these accidents.


What makes TRRs different?

While these outlets will appear the same as your regular wall outlet, they have more to offer. These receptacle cover plates prevent singular insertion into the outlet. This means if there is not equal pressure applied into both opening at the same time, the outlet will not allow anything to be inserted into the outlet.


It has been reported that over 30 percent of outlet related injuries have occured from a child inserting an item into the outlet receptacle. Most often, it is reported that this sort of behavior happens in the presence of an adult. This means, just because you are attentive to your child there is still room for error and injury.


Some of the most common items children insert into electrical outlets that result in injury are metal hairpin, plugs that are put in incorrectly, tools, metal nail files, knives and other silverware, paper clips, staples, keys, and all sorts of other small insertable items.


These child proof, TRRs have been so effective that on a national level they are now required to be installed in all new homes since 2008. If your home was built after 2008, you may have the old school outlets still.


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