Are you in the Greater Houston area and are in need of an electrician? If so Texas Electrical is here to provide you with top notch residential electrical repairs! Below are a list of signs that your home is in need of an electrical repair!


Your Outlet Are Overloaded
If you have multiple outlets in your home that are overloaded with extenders, you are straining your home’s electrical power. Long term overloading of your electrical system’s capacity cannot be sustained. You are putting your home at risk by doing this. The solution is installing additional circuits with duplex receptacles in order to keep your home safe.


Frequently Tripping The Circuit-Breaker
If your circuit-breaker trips often, or you have a fuse blow out regularly, this is a sign that your circuits are drawing more current than they can provide you safely. It also could be an indication that one or more of your circuits has a dangerous faulty.


Your Lights Dim
Whenever you turn on your vacuum do your lights dim, flicker, or wane? If so your home’s electrical system is in need of an electrical upgrade. Do not continue using these motor-driven appliances until you get a dedicated circuit wired. Speak to an electrician at Texas Electrical today, to put these problems in the past.


Two Prong Outlets
If your home is full of dual pronged outlets you are living in the past. Most large electronics such as washers, dryers, even computers, require a 3 prong outlet in order to operate. Additionally, not only are you limiting your electrical capabilities, you are also potentially sitting with an electrical system that is so old it not fully grounded, making it dangerous for your home. Do not put yourself in danger with outdated outlets, call us instead!


Warm Plugs
Have you ever unplugged an electronic and realized your plug was warm, maybe even hot? You may be asking too much out of your outlets, overworking them and putting your home at risk. It is important to have old homes electrical systems checked frequently or replaced with a modern safe wiring system.


Residential Electrical Services in Houston

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