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Houston TX Electrical Safety Checklist

Houston TX Electrical Safety Checklist

Even if you have lived in several homes and never been faced with an electrical problem, it is still important to have regular electrical checkups. These electrical checkups are designed to ensure your wiring, circuit breakers, outlets, and plugs are all functioning properly and that your home is safe! Electricity is very powerful, so when it comes time to check on your home’s electrical system, leave it to the professionals at Texas Electrical!


Below is an electrical checklist to go over for your home or business:


-If you are experiencing frequent breakers tripping or fuses blowing out on you regularly, this is a sign that you are overloading your home’s electrical system. Whenever you do this you are putting yourself at risk for fire hazards.


-When we perform an inspection we will make sure all of your circuits have been properly grounded. This means for each circuit we make sure the wires that send electrical current to your lights and appliances are connected to a ground wire in your home. This is a huge safety issue and a problem we find in many older homes.


-All outlets in moisture heavy rooms, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms need to have ground-fault circuit interrupters. These make it so your outlet will automatically turn off if wet. Also, a quick tip is if you are cleaning electrical outlets or fixtures, make sure you unplug all appliances and if needed, turn off the breaker.


-These days if you have small children, it is required by code to have tamper-resistant outlets with protectors in them, to keep small children from injuring themselves.


-Any frayed or damaged wires in your home need to be located and replaced, these are potential fire hazards and can be dangerous for electrical shock as well.


-If any outlets are loose or not sturdy, they need to be replaced by a professional to make sure there is not a bigger problem creating this issue.

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