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Electrical Fire Hazards in Your Home

Electrical Fire Hazards in Your Home

There are many situations that can lead to an electrical fire in your home. Sometimes these traumatic fires are from problems in your home’s wiring or an appliance failure. However, more often it seems these fires begin when an electrical outlet or extension cord is overloaded and cannot handle the electrical current. Below are a list of the most common causes for an electrical fire and what to look out for in your home:


Faulty outlets, appliances

The majority of electrical fires are caused by old, outdated, and faulty outlets or appliances. It is important to never use an appliance or electrical device that has a worn or frayed cord. This is because when you plug an electrical device with a cord like this into an outlet it can produce heat and sent it onto flammable surfaces such as curtains, carpeting, and furniture. This can easily result in a fire.


Also, avoid running cords under rugs because this can also lead to potential fire hazards. Never remove a grounding plug from a device in order to utilize a two prong outlet, this is very dangerous. If your home still has two prong outlets you are in need of an electrical upgrade.


Lighting Fixtures
All types of lighting fixtures, from lamps to ceiling fans, are a leading cause for electrical fires. This is mostly due to using a bulb that has too high of a wattage for the lamp or lighting fixture. When this happens it is easy to overload your light, leading to issues. Be sure to always check the maximum wattage your lighting fixtures can handle before selecting a bulb.


Also, be sure to avoid placing anything such as paper, cloth, or plastic over your lighting fixtures. This can turn into a fire rapidly.


Outdated Wiring

If your home is over 15 years old, it is important to have an electrician come out to your home to ensure you are not overusing electricity. The capacity needed for today’s appliances is much greater than it used to be.


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