If you were in Houston for Hurricane Harvey, then you already know how devastating and longlasting the effects of a hurricane can have on your lifestyle. Unfortunately, when the hurricane is already hitting you with strong winds and heavy rains, it is too late to start coming up with a plan to prepare yourself for the hurricane. This is why it is important to prepare your home and family for a hurricane before it hits! Thousands of people went without electricity for extended periods of time last year, turning a bad situation into a miserable one, or even an impossible to survive one. This year, Texas Electrical asks you, are you ready for hurricane season? Do you have a generator that has the ability to preserve food for your family? Or run electricity into your home enough to power your phone chargers and fans? If not, then it is time to give us a call!


At Texas Electrical, we know backup generators! We can help determine which size would run best with your home and get you ready for whatever may come your way this season. It is important to explore different options, based on your needs. If you have a two story home with 6 people living in it, you will need a larger backup generator than one for a small one story home with 2 occupants.


In addition to getting your home an automatic backup power generator, you also need to stock your home with supplies that will help you be prepared this hurricane season! It is better to stock up now before stores are cleaned out and supermarket lines take more than two hours to pass through! Invest in lots of water and foods that require low maintenance to preserve and prepare! With your backup generator you will be able to still have warm showers and meals, so while you may not want to be cooking 5 star gourmet meals, you will at least have more options!

Backup Generator Installation in Houston, TX

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