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Why You Should Not Handle Your Own Electrical Work

Why You Should Not Handle Your Own Electrical Work

There are lots of reasons that can lead people into trying to take care of their own electrical work. However, this does not make it a good decision to try to do it yourself. The risks of handling your own electrical maintenance or projects, greatly outweigh the positives. Below is a list of why you should not try to handle electrical projects without the help of a professional electrician:


Dangerous: Everyone knows working with or around electricity can be dangerous. Ever since you were a little kid, you have been heeding the warning of your older relatives not to mess with electrical outlets, to be careful about keeping plugged-in electrical devices away from water, and not to touch exposed wires. However, with the growing popularity of the internet, many people believe the answer to all of their around-the-house projects are one Google search away from being solved on their own. Do not be fooled! There is a reason electricians have to complete school, testing, and continue to stay updated on codes and procedures. One bad choice can lead to you being jolted with an electrical current, on it’s own this can be fatal- now imagine you are standing on a ladder when it happens. You can see how the situation can escalate quickly and can cause severe harm to you.


House Fires: Electrical fires make up for a high percentage of house fires in the United States each year. House fires can ruin your entire home in a matter of minutes, leaving behind the kind of devastation that you may never be able to totally bounce back from. Especially, if someone is injured in the fire. Additionally, if you hire someone who is not licensed or insured your insurance company will not cover the damages, leaving you in a very hard situation.


Permits and Inspectors: Whenever you are making adjustments to your home’s electrical wiring, building an addition that needs electrical wiring, or taking on any other similar project- in order to do it legally you need permits. Once you have done the work, it needs to be inspected. This process can be frustrating to someone who does not know the ends and outs of the business. Leaving this up to an electrician is easier because if there is an issue it is on them, not you. Also, they are more familiar with the process and level of expectation for the work.


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