What is a standby power generator?

A standby power generator is an appliance that serves as a backup electrical system, for your home or business, that operates automatically. Whenever your home or business experiences a power outage, an automatic transfer switch will, within seconds, sense the loss of power, and trigger the generator to turn on and take on the electrical load of your space. Once the power generator is alerted it will begin supplying power to the electrical circuits. Whenever utility power is returned to the space, the automatic transfer switch will then transfer the electrical load back to the utility, prompting the standby generator to shut off. The generator will return to standby mode mode, until the next power outage. Most of the standby power generators run on diesel, natural gas, or liquid propane gas.


How do standby generators benefit you?

Whether you are experiencing a small storm passing through that knocks your electricity out for an hour, or you go through a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or snowstorm, your standby power generator will be able to supply you with electricity. While in many circumstances electricity can be categorized as a luxury service, it can also be the difference between life and death for many people. If you rely on medical equipment, are vulnerable to extreme temperatures, or have specialized requirements that are dependent on electrical access, a standby power generator is the best option for you! Do not gamble with the safety of your family, contact us to learn more about your options!


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