Texas Electrical is Katy’s premier electrical services company. We offer the highest quality residential and commercial electrical services to Houston residents and businesses. We have years of experience that have afforded us the knowledge to handle most electrical needs. We specialize in installing lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, chandeliers, security lighting, power generators, landscape lighting, and providing electrical repairs.


Light Fixture Installation in Katy TX

At Texas Electrical we know the right lighting can pull together the entire look of a room. That is why we are careful to pay attention to detail, so we can provide the best lighting installations and maintenance in the Greater Houston area.


Ceiling Fan Installation in Katy TX

In the Texas heat, there is room for a ceiling fan in every room of a house. Let us help make your home comfortable and beautiful be selecting and installing the right ceiling fan installed in your home.


Chandelier Installation in Katy TX

Chandeliers make for grand glamour, that adds charm and luxury to any room. However, while beautiful, installing and maintaining a chandelier requires some work. At Texas Electrical, we are not only competent in installing these beautiful lights but also helping you maintain them with a delicate hand and attention to detail.


Security Lighting in Katy TX

Security lights add a sense of comfort and safety to your home or business. Let us help you target the best areas and types of lights for your property to keep intruders away and let you rest comfortably.


Power Generators in Katy TX

Nothing is worse than losing power and having to put your whole life on hold. If you have medical needs or are sensitive to extreme temperatures, having electricity might not even be a comfort issue as much as a necessity. This is why we provide the highest quality power generators to our clients.


Landscape Lighting in Katy, TX

Want to add elegance to your home? Landscape lighting is a quick and easy way to do just that. Make your home stand out with gorgeous accent lighting to display the structure of your home and add ambience to your landscaping.


Electrical Repairs in Katy TX

Whenever you have an electrical issue in Katy, Texas Electrical has got you covered. Not only do we handle routine maintenance and repair- we also offer 24/7 around the clock emergency electrical services to the Greater Houston area, including Katy, TX.


Best Electrician in Katy TX

Texas Electrical proudly serves the Greater Houston area, including but not limited to BellaireHoustonKatyPiney Point VillageSouthside PlaceHedwig Village, Hunters Creek VillageMissouri CityRichmond and West University Place.


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