In previous blogs, we have discussed the signs that your home is in need of an electrical upgrade. The signs include having a circuit breaker that trips frequently, dimming lights whenever you power on an appliance, if your electrical panel feels hot to the touch, if your home is 15+ years old, and many more.


Electrical Outlet Upgrades in Katy TX

So what are the best electrical upgrades for your home? Let’s start by discussing your electrical outlets. Go through the list of 2’s and see how many apply to your home.


Two Prong Outlets: If your home has the old school 2 prong outlets, you are living in the past. These outlets cannot accommodate many modern electronics. Everything from laptop chargers to refrigerators require the 3 prong outlets in order to be used. Additionally, two prong outlets may be a sign that your electrical system is not fully grounded which can be dangerous for your home.


Too Few Outlets: If your family has grown, or your home is over 15 years old, your need for more electrical power has probably grown with you. Adding additional outlets throughout your home will help to eliminate the need for pesky extension cords and outlet extenders. This also will help to prevent circuit overloads, protecting your home and your family.


Too Loose: If you notice that your plugs are easily dislodged from your electrical outlets this is a problem! Your outlets should grip the end of the plugs and hold it firmly in place. If this is not happening, it is an indication that the clip intended to hold the plug may be worn out. This unfortunately is dangerous and a fire hazard.

Outside of electrical outlet changes, let’s explore some of the best electrical upgrades for your home:


More Power: If your home has an outdated panel, you may be experiencing limitations on how much electrical power your home is able to use. With an increase in powerful modern day appliances being used in out homes, an electric upgrade is recommended in order to safely power outdated homes.


Electrical Wiring: Older homes will need to have their electrical wire updated in order to safely power your home and accommodate your electrical needs. Old wiring can be dangerous and lead to house fires.

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