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When you are living in a state with springs and summers as hot as the ones in Texas, electricity is not just an option, it becomes a necessity to our lives. This is why it is beyond frustrating for us when we have to deal with pesky electrical failures, faulty outdated wiring, and power outages in our homes or businesses.


Electricity is important for everyone but their are many vulnerable people such as the elderly and ill who require electricity in order to live. Whether it is because they cannot deal with extreme temperatures, they require medicine that must be refrigerated in order to maintain temperature, or because you have medical equipment that must run 24/7 in order to keep them healthy.


This is why the electrician’s at Texas Electrical offer 24/7 around the clock services to anyone in the Greater Houston area who needs them. Your electrical emergency will be taken care of quickly.  Our team of technicians can handle all types of situations – services ranging from electrical underground service to emergency home repairs.


Emergency Electrical Services in Richmond TX

While most electrical issues take high priority and should be addressed quickly, some are emergencies that require immediate attention. Below are some situations in which you should not wait to contact the professionals at Texas Electrical:


Outlets Smoking: If one or more of your electrical outlets begins to produce smoke you need to immediately remove all electronics that are using that outlet as a source of power. It is critical to turn off the circuit breaker and contact the fire department to ensure you do not have a hidden fire within the walls of your home. Once this is done we can provide you with the service you need to get your home operating safely.


Loss of Power: If your home or business loses power and you notice other people in the surrounding homes and businesses still have electricity contact us. We can come to your home and assess what it is that is causing your home to be independently affected and without power.


Flooded Home: If your home’s electrical wiring or outlets take in water this can be very dangerous and should only be addressed by a licensed electrician. Turn the circuit breakers all to the off position and call someone for assistance.


24/7 Electricians Richmond TX

Texas Electrical proudly serves the Greater Houston area, including but not limited to Bellaire, Houston, Katy, Piney Point Village, Southside Place, Hedwig Village, Hunters Creek Village, Missouri City, Richmond and West University Place.




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