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Power Generator Installation Service Richmond TX

Power Generator Installation in Richmond TX

Hurricane season is here! Meaning at any time we may turn on our televisions and hear about a new storm that is brewing out in the warm gulf waters. This is something that many Houstonians know all too well. After last year’s Hurricane Harvey fiasco, many of us have seen just how much damage and devastation a hurricane can leave behind. This year, instead of having to sit out the storm in your home with no electricity and eat unprepared foods straight out the can, prepare your home or business with a backup power generator!


At Texas Electrical, we are the experts when it comes to installing power generators for your home or business. We start by selecting the right size generator for your unique needs and space. Then we connect your home’s electrical panel to the generator. We do this to make it so that when your home loses electricity, your generator automatically powers on, supplying you with electricity. This will be an automatic transfer switch that will last until your home regains electricity. Once your home regains electricity, your generator will automatically shut itself back off until you are in need of it again. Most of these types of generators run on either diesel, natural gas, or liquid propane. They have a very simple design that will require almost no involvement from to utilize properly.


This hurricane season, do not spend your time stuck inside eating room temperature food out of cans and bags. Instead, contact Texas Electrical and find out more about power generators. Having a power generator installed gives you the option to supply your home with enough electricity to run your fridge, some of your appliances, phone chargers, and more! Imagine how much more comfortable you will be, being able to use your cell phone, while drinking cool beverages, and hot food!


Richmond TX Power Generator Services

Texas Electrical proudly serves the Greater Houston area, including but not limited to Bellaire, Houston, Katy, Piney Point Village, Southside Place, Hedwig Village, Hunters Creek Village, Missouri City, Richmond and West University Place. For all of your electrical needs, contact Texas Electrical today!



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