At Texas Electrical we make it our priority to provide legal and trustworthy electrical services to the Greater Houston area, including West University. We know it can difficult to find a company you can trust in your home, to handle such an important job. Electrical issues are a very serious concern for homeowners. When a non-professional tries to fix an electrical problem,it can result in uninsured, costly, and destructive damage. This is why it is very important to work with a licensed and insured company, such as, Texas Electrical.


Landscape Lighting Installation West University TX 

The Missouri City TX Electricians that are employed at Texas Electrical are experiencing in installing outdoor landscape lighting to accent the beauty of your home or business. We will ensure your property is lit up in the most efficient and complementing way. We know how to properly ensure your outdoor electrics are safe to withstand all weather conditions.


Ceiling Fan Installation West University TX 

Ceiling fans are in nearly every room in homes and businesses in Texas. If you are missing out on having this element of comfort in your space, contact Texas Electrical. We can install, replace, or service existing ceiling fans.


Electrical Wiring in West University TX 

If you are living in an older home, it is important for the safety of you and your property to have a licensed electrician, like the ones at Texas Electrical to come survey your electrical setup. Builders tend to go with the cheapest equipment possible when doing the electrical wiring of homes, so even if your home is new, if you did not build it yourself it is important to have your wiring looked at, at least once every ten years. An evaluation by a licensed electrician can be the difference between a house fire and safely enjoying your home.


Breaker Box Replacement and Installation West University TX 

As time passes, our dependency on high powered electronics grows. We all have TVs, phone chargers, laptops, computers, washing machines, dryers- and we are using them frequently. This can easily overload a homes breaker box and can even be dangerous. Let us make sure your home can provide the amount of electricity your family requires.


Best Electrician in West University TX

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