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Breaker Box Replacement
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Breaker Box Replacement in Houston

Replacing a circuit breaker box only requires a licensed breaker box replacement in Houston electrician along with the code inspections for the primary breaker box.  If you have a damaged circuit breaker box caused by fire, electrical surges or impact, then you need to replace the entire box.  Replacing the entire box is easier than replacing the interior elements of the breaker box.  Our breaker box replacement in Houston technicians provide professional circuit breaker box replacement services in Houston area.

Unless you are a licensed breaker box replacement in Houston electrician yourself, you should hire a professional breaker box replacement in Houston electrician to install and repair breaker box.  Experienced Texas Electrical electricians will make sure that all of the work is completed and up to the existing codes in your local community.

Breaker Box Replacement Service Houston

The work involved with replacing a breaker box is intricate due to the nature of task that being performed.  It’s important to hire a breaker box replacement service Houston electrician who is trained, skilled and experienced in this type of work to complete it for you to avoid any problems that might arise if you were to attempt to do the work yourself.  It is best you contact the breaker box replacement service Houston technicians at Texas Electrical to ensure your breaker box is properly replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Look for a metal box that flush with the wall. There will be a metal door to contain the breakers or fuses protected. You can also check the garage for the fuse box or circuit breaker. It could also be in a hallway, storage room, or the basement.

Circuit breaker “trips” or shuts off the flow of electricity to protect the circuit from overheating and causing damage–even causing a potential electrical fire.

A breaker that is carrying a huge load but is failing to “trip” or shut down might start making a loud sound and should be repaired or replaced to prevent an overheating circuit.

1. Lights on dimmer switch – caused by ambient lighting effect.
2. Main Hum – low frequency on low electrical wiring or equipment
3. Wiring that not properly grounded.

1. Open the fuse box
2. Identify the fuse that needs to be replaced
3. Check for current
4. Remove the fuse
5. Check fuse amperage
6. Rewire and add new fuse
7. Reconnect supply

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