Electricity has ruled the world ever since Benjamin Franklin. It can fuel our thirst for technology, power a major production plant, or illuminate thousands of Christmas Lights. Electricity powers it all. As much as electricity can power, malfunctions can happen. For example, faulty wiring can result in a short circuit. The short circuit leads to Read More

If you’re thinking about installing a new light fixture, there are a few simple things to consider. Electrical projects can be dangerous for homeowners to attempt, so the first consideration is hiring a licensed electrician. This is a critical step because there are local codes your electrical work has to uphold, and you need to Read More

An overload occurs whenever you have too many electronics using a particular circuit at once. There are multiple circuits in your home, some of these run multiple lighting fixtures as well as outlets. An overloaded circuit cannot keep up with the electrical demand you have and will shut off, sometimes leading to damages- other times Read More

The holiday season is upon us, with Thanksgiving on Thursday and Christmas is just around the corner! It’s a wonderful time of year for decorating, hosting, and cooking with friends and family! Staying safe when it comes to your electrical wiring and needs, will keep the holidays bright for you, your family, and friends. As Read More

Whether you have brand new property, existing or full blown renovation project, the electrical construction specialists at Texas Electrical in Houston have the knowledge and resources available to complete your projects quickly, efficiently, and within your budget, to guarantee your complete satisfaction. The electrical new construction specialists at Texas Electrical have years of experience assisting Read More

Your commercial business and residential home’s electrical system is much different than the other systems that run to keep you in function. While it is true that most people can handle around the house projects like tearing out carpet and your stronger weekend warriors can handle bigger projects like installing new appliances in their home. Read More

You do not have to limit your home or business to only having functional lighting. In fact, these days lighting is often taken as an opportunity to add value and interest to a space. This is true for indoor and outdoor spaces. At Texas Electrical we work closely with home and business owners to come Read More

Texas Electrical has been providing the Greater Houston area with quality electrical repair services for over ten years. We have always focused on having affordable rates for our customers in order to serve them better. Whether you are looking to replace the light fixtures in your home, upgrade the electrical capacity in your business, enhance Read More

At Texas Electrical we know that whenever you have an emergency electrical problem it will  need to be handled in a professional and timely fashion. That is why we have made it a priority to provide 24/7 emergency electrical services to the communities within the Greater Houston area for over a decade. The truth is, Read More

With more than a decade of experience, Texas Electrical understands the elements that go into professional design, installation, and servicing of outdoor lighting options. Texas Electrical has worked hard to become the most established and reliable lighting company in Houston, Texas.   We use strong lighting techniques to illuminate your home’s gorgeous exterior. This requires Read More